Renewable Energy And Off The Grid Systems Developments

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Vertical Wind Turbines for electricity

Gladwynne Energy & Power is at the forefront of renewable energy and off the grid system developments. We supply and install vertical wind turbines that generate electricity for;

Our operations are in Africa which includes countries  Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Lesotho, Eswatini and many more. Gladwynne is one of leading new energy equipment supplier and energy service solutions provider. We are committed to provide economical, clean, renewable energy and social responsible lifestyles. Our main operations include: wind power, LP Gas, solar energy systems and new energy storage management. Gladwynne Energy and Power maximizes the performance of  energy power generation equipment including hybrid customised to suit the requirements.

Our products provide power in a wide variety of commercial and domestic settings including corporate offices, telecommunication towers, government facilities, factories, schools, ski resorts, hospitals, clinics, hotels, houses, farms and mines.


Green- Clean-Sustainable Energy

Vertical Wind Turbines

Suitable for any Application; Urban to Rural, Residential to Commercial, Industrial to Institutional

Wind Turbines : Hybrid Systems

Gladwynne Energy & Power is at the forefront of renewable energy technologies in Africa for everyday requirements at home, farm, school, clinic/hospital or corporate office.

Vertical Winds Turbines can be used for ;

Energy storage system based on ESS Batteries

Green Hydrogen Gas fuel for the future

Green Hydrogen Gas fuel for the future

Gladwynne wind turbines are applied in hybrid systems in electrolysis process to produce green hydrogen at a manufacturing plant or at a Refueling Station.

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Gladwynne Power and Energy provides LPGas engineering and design consultancy to any plant for storage and handling. LPGas reseller storage tank and cylinder filling systems, customer tank and cylinder systems, depot storage facilities are part of the services provided to a wide range of customers.

We provide LPGas knowledge courses to customers and company employess where they get to understand the characteristics, technical and safety properties of the gas.

Green Hydrogen

We also do green hydrogen technologies working with international technology partners and close, trusted business relationships with customers the world over to develop customised solutions.


Gladwynne Energy & Power specialises in the design and construction of Biodigesters for the supply of biomethane gas for cooking and heating at home, school, company or any other place.

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