Suitable for any Application; Urban to Rural, Residential to Commercial, Industrial to Institutional

Design Specification


    Rated Power:  500KW

    Max Power:  550KW

    Rated Wind Speed:  12m/s

    Cut-In Speed:  2m/s

    Cut-Out Speed:  25m/s

    Survival Wind Speed:  60m/s

Physical Parameters

    Mill Diameter:  30m

    Mill Height:  20m

    Mill Weight:  80 ton

    Blade Number:  6

    Blade Material:  FRP

    Tower Height & Weight:  25m

    Tower Style:  Truss Structure

Generator Parameters

    Type:  PMG 3 Phase

    Rated Voltage:  AC 690V

    Rated Current:  AC 418.8A

Over Speed Protection & Braking System

    Speed Control Style:  Active Hydraulic Pitch Control; Real-time Active

    Brake Style:  Automatic Press Air Brake

    Protection Level:  IP54

Remote Monitoring System

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